Every product or service has to begin somewhere.  So does a website. This is a post that defines how Shipharder.com begins.

And since this is a website devoted to shipping, and providing content that enables you to create products that provide value and become viable, it was only appropriate for me to get it out – even if it isn’t fully done.

And so it begins: Shipharder.com

For example. there are all these things one could tweak, setup and add to make a product more refined and just that little bit slicker.

But keeping a product private, not showing it to the crowd would do more harm than good to it.

In addition, I’d like you to just read this quote and keep it into your memory, since this one is a golden rule when it comes to creating product and getting your product out:

A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan next week.

Akin’s Law of Spacecraft Design, rule #33

Creating Value

It took me my entire life to find out that it’s not coding per sé that’s my primary desire in life. I’ve always liked to create stuff – from printing newsletters as I got my first printer, to creating cards or video edits for others.  I never knew what good those things would do me, except for the fact that they were fun to investigate.

And it is that curious attitude that – looking at this with hindsight – led me to where I am today.

The same attitude guided me into getting a developer degree and start as a Webdeveloper at a big Dutch bank. Then it led me into mobile app development where I got a hang of creating scoped solutions to address a problem or provide an easy service.

But besides my historic path, It took me a while to accept that I was never the best developer out there. I never fully understood why I wasn’t as good as others. 

Now I know, that my interest lies more in the creation process.

The process of creating solutions that add value to people’s lifes.

Solutions that save companies time & money. 

I am a Creator, who likes to create products that provide value to others. In addition I’m now also aspiring to gain extra income to gain financial independence, so I updated that desire into:

I am a Creator whos goal is to create products that provide value to others while being viable by gaining revenue so they add to my goal of gaining professional independence.

Perfectly Imperfect

Having explained where I’m coming from, I hereby present you my perfectly imperfect website Shipharder.com.

The way to get started is to quit talking and begin doing.

Walt Disney

Shipharder.com is my website where you’ll get all free product-creation-related content.

For instance, you get to tap into information that I’ve been consuming for the last 5+ years by listening to podcasts, reading blogs, reading books / listening to audiobooks, talking to entrepreneurs and startups, interacting with other developers and, of course, my own experiences.

I’m very keen that this is the begin of Shipharder.com. Expect to find content like blog posts, podcast episodes, vlogs and more. And it is all focussed on topics that will help you to build and ship products that add value.

Topics like (this is not an exhaustive list):

  • value creation
  • product development
  • early validation
  • product-market fit
  • minimum viable products
  • startups
  • product strategy
This is where Shipharder.com begins
Photo by Shaah Shahidh on Unsplash

Feel free to share your take. Please engage. Leave your comment. Ask questions.

And take what may help you and leave the rest be. 

After all, if you have a goal similar to mine, shipping product will be the best experience you’ll professionally get. And this is where my story begins.

Code hard, ship harder


Featured Image by Danielle MacInnes on Unsplash

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Edwin Klesman

from 1981 | husband | father of 3 | former (cross-platform) mobile developer | former Tech Lead @ startup | Team Lead (www.edu-deta.com) | Owner EEKAY ONLINE (www.eekayonline.com) #valuefirst #productdevelopment #consultancy | hooked on entrepreneurship, startups, product development, apps, SaaS

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Edwin Klesman

from 1981 | husband | father of 3 | former (cross-platform) mobile developer | former Tech Lead @ startup | Team Lead (www.edu-deta.com) | Owner EEKAY ONLINE (www.eekayonline.com) #valuefirst #productdevelopment #consultancy | hooked on entrepreneurship, startups, product development, apps, SaaS

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