When you're working hard you need a change of mind from time to time. Finding your "sugar" can help with that.

Find your sugar. Sugar is sweet and can give you energy ⚡️.

It can also make bad coffee ☕️ taste better.

Every entrepreneur, maker, and developer doing side projects needs his/her own “sugar”.

Although this sounds simple, finding the sweet spot (pun intended) can be difficult.

Some examples of “healthy sugar”:

👉🏻Find a book that you can enjoy and learn from and that helps you to reach your goals.
👉🏻Do a small project that you enjoy coding on and that will teach you something.
👉🏻Listen to a podcast that inspires you and lets you switch down for 30 minutes.
👉🏻Go to a tech hub or a lunch meeting and talk to people about their problems and where you (or your idea) might help and have some social time.

Keep your “sugar” time-boxed, useful, and something enjoyable.

That way, you’ll have something to go back on when you’re stuck during your other efforts or simply to have a change of mind in between.

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