Fear for how people will respond, what they'll think of you and/or your product is something that most of the online product makers experience. But not many talk about it. Afraid to to hurt their brand or to swipe up a negative conversation. But There's So Much To Learn. And we DO need to toughen up.

The fear for feedback has been preventing us makers to ship products for too long. It’s time to change that

Rain makes people cautious, perhaps afraid even ?.
We tend to start driving slower, walk slower.

People use all sorts of precautions that prevent us from getting wet ☔️.
Some even don’t go outside at all when it rains ?.

Negative Feedback is Our Rain

Fear for negative feedback is the “rain” for product makers.
It’s what keeps us from shipping product. What makes us want to build all these kind of protections. Add features just to make sure people will “like” what you’re building. 

It keeps us from providing the value that we are envisioning for people through the products that we’re creating for others.

How about we start to use that same rain in your advantage?

Chances are, you get from A to B faster when everybody is hiding inside ?️>>>?️.
Perhaps you even meet new people and gain new insights ??‍???‍? while sheltering in a door opening alongside the same sidewalk where you always mindlessly walk past thousands of strangers normally.

Toughen the f*ck up

The same counts for us product makers. Don’t be afraid of the rain. Use it to your advantage ??.

Who cares if you get a little wet, or get some negative feedback on your product? Learn from it what you can, and put it behind you otherwise.

It’s time to ship your product. Stop procrastinating. Are you going to let rain keep you in? Do you experience fear for feedback?

Toughen the f*ck up ???. 

? Blog tip: Check out this related post called “Stop Perfecting, Start Shipping“. It’s about the value of shipping product over perfecting your product.

So, dare to get wet. Smell the air as it’s holding more oxygen than ever while it rains. 

Code Hard, but Ship your product oh so harder and, in return for your bravery, you’ll get the most valuable feedback that is out there:


It’s time to ship ladies and gentlemen. The time to keep hiding behind your code is over. The fear for feedback is something we must prevent us from creating all those awesome, valuable ideas that us makers have encaptured between their ears ?.

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